Date: November 13-14

Location: Dishman Baptist Church

The Gospel & Spheres of Authority Conference is all about how the Gospel is the lens through which we view the different authority figures in our lives (Church, Family, Government) and how we can be obedient to Christ in how we interact with and think about these authorities.

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Conference Speakers


November 13

Registration                  4:00-5:00

General Session #1     5:00-6:15           Speaker: Chris Pawlowski

General Session #2    6:30-8:00          Speaker: Miles Rhode

November 14

Registration                   8:00-9:00

General Session #3     9:00-10:15        Speaker: Eric Hinnenkamp

Breakout Session #1  10:30-11:30

Lunch                               11:30-1:00

Breakout Session #2  1:00-2:00

General Session #4     2:15-3:30           Speaker: Ben Orchard

General Session #5     4:00-5:30         Speaker: Dan Jarms

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